Medical / Institutional Events Planning

There is no shortage of events in the health field. Sénik creates recruiting activities, leads conferences and sets up unique exhibitor booths. We also organize various fund raisers for foundations.

Trade shows and Exhibitor Booths

Forget the traditional booth! We create environments that draw crowds and make them linger in your booth, with your representatives. Our team has been collaborating with the Heath Ministry for many outstanding promotion and recruiting activities. Do you want to map out a tour of different cities, to lead workshops and conferences or create unique booths? Are the tasks piling up? Are you overwhelmed by it all? Sénik is here to help you.




Fundraising events require tightly controlled management in order to optimize costs. We create various events to raise money for social causes: suppers, shows, marathons, etc. If you want an original event that will draw crowds, we know how to think outside the box. You can trust our ideas and expertise.

Recruiting events

With Sénik, recruiting new talent is anything but boring. Why not add an event to your recruiting strategy? Invite your representatives to a speed-interview supper with candidates where everyone changes places at each course: You get to interview all your applicants quickly in a fun setting. If you want to spend more time with the candidates, we can organize a “Great Seduction” week. These concepts may also be used for private enterprises or any other field.



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