Corporate Events Planning

The business world is replete with events. The Sénik team has all the ideas and resources to execute them. We will plan and manage your corporate gala, conference, seminar, meeting or company party.

Corporate Galas

There is every reason to organize a gala. It is a great way to thank and empower your employees. You company has offices across the country or worldwide? We can plan your employees’ transportation and the full logistics of your evening gala. Let us organize your next gala of appreciation. Your employees will be grateful.



Conferences, Seminars, Meetings

Although the success of any conference lies in the quality of the speakers, you should not underestimate the importance of its organization. Attendees want the total experience. Every detail counts. For your seminars, Sénik takes care of everything: scheduling, meals, cocktails, decor, greeting and registrations. We stand quietly behind the success of our large local companies. We are proud to work behind the scenes and let you shine.

Company Parties

The opening of a new office, the inauguration of a restaurant or of a new building deserve recognition. Sénik will add the magic touch to any launch, while respecting your budget. You want your office party to be special? Relax and let us organize it. Our inspiration goes much further than that! We also organize company anniversary celebrations. We will create an unforgettable experience for 20, 500 or thousands of guests.



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